• Woodle Woodmade Light

  • Woodle Woodmade Light

  • Woodle Woodmade Light

  • Woodle Woodmade Light

  • Woodle Woodmade Light

Solar Woodle

Dutch Design

What makes the Woodle Dutch Design?

The Woodle is a real Dutch product: Designed and manufactured in The Netherlands. The design has the specific Dutch features: Unique, minimalistic, a beautiful shape and use of high-quality natural materials. The materials for the Woodle are sourced locally as much as possible. This gives another advantage in flexibility: the Woodle can be suited to every situation and made suitable for every terrain. All models are designed, manufactured and designed in The Netherlands, providing a long-lasting life-cycle.

Energie zuinig

How is the Woodle more sustainable?

First: the Woodle is working on solar-energy. The light intensity and the long working hours give the Woodle an excellent reputation. This is why we can compete with traditional cabled lighting. 
Second: the Woodle is a “smart” light. Our software and integrated electronics provide light for the whole night depending on the physical location and season. Because of our software we can even adapt the lighting to your needs.
Third: Without the need for cabling and extra electronics, we save on natural resources necessary for lighting such as copper and other minerals.

What more sustainability do you want?

  • Woodle Woodmade Light

    After searching for years I found the best solar lighting system. The SolarWoodle armatures are sustainable, natural and give a decent amount of light. Absolutely the best solar armature available right now!

    Stroomzicht - De Hoef - The Netherlands

  • Woodle Woodmade Light

    Sauna 't Dalhuus - Wildervank - The Netherlands

  • Woodle Woodmade Light

    Holiday Park Dennenoord - Texel - The Netherlands

  • Woodle Woodmade Light

    Mini Campsite 's-Koonings Veld - The Netherlands

  • Woodle Woodmade Light

    As supplier of solar electricity solutions we have chosen the Woodle Armatures to light our garden. Made from wood and powered by solar, these are the perfect lights for our garden.

    Schoonzon.nl - Ede - The Netherlands

  • Woodle Woodmade Light

    We purchased the Woodle armatures to light up our parking lot. We are positively suprised with the lighting duration of the armatures: Even in winter the perfomance is amazing. The armatures contribute to our green passion for sustainability. We are very content!

    Lencon BV - Noordwijk - The Netherlands

How do I invest in sustainability?

Purchasing a Woodle makes you an investor in sustainability. Did you know that there is more than enough daylight to light your terrain long-lasting during the night? Since there is more than enough daylight to harvest and we have our own unique software and hardware, we can provide you with sufficient lighting. And why would you need fixed locations for your lighting? With the Woodle you can move your lights easily around because of its easy installation and low excavation costs.

Sustainability is also in the core of our business: all our suppliers are selected on sustainability. Because of our vision the Woodle is produced completely energy-neutral. Once in use, the Woodle is energy-positive: The Woodle gives energy!


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